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Seeing the Entire Na Pali

Here at Na Pali Experience, we understand the importance of getting your moneys worth for an entire tour. It is something that we’ve held our standards for during the past seven seasons. Thats why, we are one of the few companies that take you along the entire Na Pali Coast!

The larger boats, turn around at Kalalau Valley because they come from a farther distance. Because we leave from Kekaha Harbor, it is the closest harbor to the Na Pali Coast that is located on the west side of the island. A good amount of time is actually spent along the west side trying to get to the Na Pali. What the passengers on those larger boats don’t realize is that beyond Kalalau Valley, there are amazing waterfalls, caves, valleys, and amazing must-sees!

Thats why we explore and go the entire distance of Na Pali! As long as weather permits, we explore every nook and cranny that the coastline has-it is a fun, adventurous, thrilling ride! And it is an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life!