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Our Boats

Our Boats

Do you simply want to “see” Na Pali, whilst standing behind a rail with 50 other people? Or, do you want to “live” Na Pali, get wet and wild and experience this incredible coastline to the maximum extent. The boat you choose will weigh in heavily in those extremes. All 4 of our identical boats keep you safe and comfortable while getting you up close and personal to all that Na Pali has to offer. Our boats hold a maximum of just 6 passengers, creating a private tour like atmosphere that larger boats simply canʻt compete with. 

The table below highlights the undeniable advantages and disadvantages to each of the different styles of boats that tour along Na Pali to aid you in your decision. Our boats all fall into the center column of the chart below, with nearly every competitor falling into either the left or right column. 

For large groups of more than 6 passengers, we do have options for you. Please call us at 808 635 1131 for details.


Why Our Boats?

Large Catamarans

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Small Catamarans


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Inflatable Zodiacs

Seating capacity  49 6  14
Smooth*/Comfortable Ride  
Onboard Shade  
Personal Attention  
Affordable Private Tour Option    For Larger Parties
Cave Access (Summer Highlight)**  
Waterfall Shower  
Best Summer Snorkel Location (Nualolo)***  
Ideal Boarding Location **** (See Below)  
Eco-friendly Engines (No Diesel Fumes)  
Exhiliarting Wild Ride  

*Smooth relative to inflatable rafts

**During the summer months, the size of our boats allow us to navigate into each of the sea caves along Na Pali Coast (conditions permitting).

***All three of our summer tours snorkel for at least an hour (conditions permitting). Due to our smaller boats and limited passengers, the state has allowed us to snorkel at Nualolo Kai. In the event that the conditions are not favorable for Nualolo Kai, we have other locations that we do a swim stop in lieu of snorkeling.

****Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor is the closest official boat harbor to the Na Pali Coast. Spending less time in transit gives us more time to spend enjoying Na Pali. Our harbor is also perfectly positioned just inside of where the highest odds of dolphin and whale encounters take place during our winter tours. We are very fortunate to be one of the few companies to have the privilege to operate out of this ideal boarding location.

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