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Choosing the right boat for your Na Pali coast tour is very important. Do you want to simply “see” Na Pali or do you want to “experience” Na Pali? All things considered, we believe our four identical power catamarans are the most practical choice for Na Pali. The table below highlights the undeniable advantages and disadvantages to each of the different style of boats that tour along Na Pali to aid you in your decision.

Note: If your family or group consists of more than 6 passengers, we’ll make a special point to keep our boats together throughout the entire tour so that you can take photos back and forth, snorkel, and enjoy the sea caves together as a group.  We truly believe Na Pali Experience is the obvious choice when considering a private Na Pali boat tour.

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Why Our Boats?

Large Catamarans

Small Catamarans

Inflatable Zodiacs

Seating capacity  49 6  14-30
Smooth*/Comfortable Ride  
Onboard Shade  
Personal Attention  
Affordable Private Tour Option    
Cave Access (Na Pali Highlight)**  
Waterfall Shower  
Best Snorkel Location (Nualolo Kai)***  
Ideal Boarding Location for Na Pali****  
Eco-friendly Engines (No Diesel Fumes)  

*Smooth relative to inflatable rafts

**The size of our boat allows us to navigate into each of the sea caves along Na Pali Coast (conditions permitting). Exploring the sea caves is a huge advantage of touring Na Pali in our small catamarans. Note: Quite a few companies will often “claim” that they also explore the sea caves. “Peeking” at the caves from a distance is not exploring them in our book. Beware of this faulty claim.

***All three of our tours snorkel for at least an hour (conditions permitting). Due to our smaller boats and limited passengers, the state has allowed us to snorkel at Nualolo Kai. Nualolo Kai is by far the best snorkel spot on Na Pali Coast and is accessible by small boat only. In the event that the conditions are not favorable for Nualolo Kai, our back up spots are both better than Makole, which is the only location on Na Pali that the large competitor boats are able to go.

****Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor is the closest official boat harbor to the Na Pali Coast. Spending less time in transit gives us more time to spend enjoying Na Pali. Our harbor is also perfectly positioned just inside of where the highest odds of dolphin encounters take place. We are very fortunate to be one of the few companies to have the privilege to operate out of this ideal boarding location.

Book Early!

With only 6 passengers per boat and a reputation of selling out all three tours well in advance, we highly recommend reserving your tour as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. If you have a group that is larger than six or are considering a private tour, please call us to discuss your options. Feel free to visit our FAQ page if you want more details about our tours. Any Questions?


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