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Captain's Blog

Na Pali Coast

Seeing the Entire Na Pali

Here at Na Pali Experience, we understand the importance of getting your moneys worth for an entire tour. It is something that we’ve held our standards for during the past seven seasons. Thats why, we are one of the few companies that take you along the entire Na Pali Coast! The larger boats, turn around…

Final Month of the Season


Our final month of the season is upon us. We only operate during peak summer months (May-September) to ensure that you have the best tour possible! This means that there are only weeks left to enjoy the entire Na Pali Coast on one of our boats! Don’t miss out on the best opportunity to experience…

Na Pali Experience Captains


For seven seasons, Na Pali Experience has been providing the best tours along the Na Pali Coast. The company started back in 2012, with the owner as the only captain and a single boat. Seven years, four boats, and eleven captains later, we are the number one tour company on the Na Pali Coast! 

Miloli’i Valley


Milolii was once an old Hawaiian fishing village, with its own source of fresh water, the Hawaiians that once lived in this valley flourished. The Milolii reef protects sea turtles, fish, and monk seals from larger predators which was perfect for fishing and catching their own food.  Milolii also has a stream which flows from…

Waterfalls Along the Na Pali Coastline

Kauai is so fortunate to be the wettest island and is also nicknamed The Garden Island. Waterfalls are so abundant here, especially on the North Shore and in along the Coast. The Na Pali Coast is home to many water falls and each one of them is unique and special. In order to see every…

Brief Kauai History

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Island chain. Kauai is approximately 5.1 million years old and it was formed by volcanic activity, wind and other elements. Kauai has many special elements to it, The Na Pali Coast and Waimea Canyon are two that are most predominant and that stick out. No other island has…

Kauai Sea Cave-Wai’ahu’akua

Another sea cave

The Na Pali Coast is filled with several amazing beaches, caves, reefs, and views. One of the benefits of exploring the coast with us on our small catamarans is that we are able to access every single sea cave! Adventuring each cave is one of our favorite things to do on tour. Each cave is…

Small vs Large Catamarans


When researching the Na Pali Coast it can be overwhelming due to all the choices that come up on the search engine. Should you go with a large catamaran? How about kayaking the coast? How do you choose between eight different zodiac raft companies?! Look no further than Na Pali Experience! A small catamaran boat…

Private Tours


Are you looking for the best excursion on Kauai? We truly believe that Na Pali Experience is the absolute best tour on the island and is the best way to see the Na Pali Coast! Our catamarans are the most comfortable along the coast and only seat six people. This small boat is perfect for…

Kauai Accommodations


Na Pali Experience leaves from Kikiaʻola Small Boat Harbor, which is located at the very far end of the island on the west side. We understand this can be a bit out of the way from where you might be staying on the island so we want to give you a few suggestions where to stay!…