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Captain's Blog


Seeing the Entire Na Pali

Here at Na Pali Experience, we understand the importance of getting your moneys worth for an entire tour. It is something that we’ve held our standards for during the past seven seasons. Thats why, we are one of the few companies that take you along the entire Na Pali Coast! The larger boats, turn around…

Final Month of the Season


Our final month of the season is upon us. We only operate during peak summer months (May-September) to ensure that you have the best tour possible! This means that there are only weeks left to enjoy the entire Na Pali Coast on one of our boats! Don’t miss out on the best opportunity to experience…

Kauai Sea Cave-Wai’ahu’akua

Another sea cave

The Na Pali Coast is filled with several amazing beaches, caves, reefs, and views. One of the benefits of exploring the coast with us on our small catamarans is that we are able to access every single sea cave! Adventuring each cave is one of our favorite things to do on tour. Each cave is…

One of the Wettest Spots on Earth


Kaua’i is home to One the wettest spot on earth. Mount Waialeale receives over to 450 inches of rain every year and is one of the reasons that Kaua’i is nicknamed the Garden Island. The amount of rain that Kaua’i gathers is why our island is so lush and green and has an abundance of…

The Reason behind the Napali Experience Season


  One of the main questions we are asked every year is “Why are you closed during the winter?” Our answer to this question is..The Safety of our passengers! Napali Experience is open only during the summer months, with the season beginning May 1st and operating every day until the last day of September. We…