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Traveling and Keeping Kauai Beautiful

We know that when traveling and being on vacation, it can be a bit overwhelming at times. You want to relax and enjoy your trip but at the same time you want to sight see and do all the fun things! Especially when trying to adventure, make different excursions, hike, sight see, and relax all at the same time. When traveling to a tiny island in the pacific where we are surrounded by ocean and marine life, we want to make sure we are doing our best to protect the planet we live in. We want to encourage you to do a few small things to help make your travel easier and keep Kauai clean and plastic free.

  • The first small step we encourage is to invest in a reusable vessel! It doesn’t matter if it is for coffee, water, or beer. It is so easy to carry around and it reduces the single use plastic water bottles, coffee and smoothie consumption! Many hotels now offer reusable water bottles but it is very easy to find a reusable cup in any convenience store and in many shops.
  • Another thing that is a very easy thing, is to buy a reusable straw. It eliminates the need for plastic straws that will eventually end up in our ocean or landfill for years to come. Several coffee or juice shops sell them for as low as $5!
  • It is also very important to encourage the use of reef safe sunscreen! Kauai is entirely surrounded by water and our reefs. While they still exist are diminishing due to toxins, rubbish, and warmer water temperatures. By 2021, Hawaiis Sunscreen Ban will come into effect, but its great to get a head start on saving marine life! Check out our previous blog on our favorite reef safe sunscreens and where to buy them!
  • Bring your own reusable bag-wherever you go! Kauai does not use plastic bags, but its so important to be prepared when you go to the store. If you get into the habit of bring it with you, then you will start using it everywhere you go.

Just by doing these four small things, Kauai, and its marine life will benefit immensely! We encourage you to think first and plan ahead during your vacation to keep the island clean and better than how you found it!