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Open Ceiling Cave


Visiting the Open Ceiling cave is a fan favorite when it comes to the sea caves along the Na Pali Coast! The cave was not always as it is today, it was once a hallowed out lava tube. Over the years, erosion and power waves caused the top of the cave to collapse and created a donut shape that can be seen by an arial view like the photo below.

Our small boats are designed to maneuver caves such as this one. On calm days, our captains take you, not only inside the cave but around the rock (once known as the ceiling) that lies in the middle. It is quite a spectacular sight to see and an opportunity you will miss if you go with a larger catamaran-their boats are unable to access any of the caves along the Coast.

Throughout the years, the cave has been the perfect spot for several wedding proposals, vow renewals, and in 1997, Mary J Bliege even filmed a music video while standing on the rock! It is such a breathtaking sight and one that you will be able to see the full magnitude of, with us on our tour!