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Waterfalls Along the Na Pali Coastline

Kauai is so fortunate to be the wettest island and is also nicknamed The Garden Island. Waterfalls are so abundant here, especially on the North Shore and in along the Coast. The Na Pali Coast is home to many water falls and each one of them is unique and special. In order to see every single majestic waterfall, you’ll have to join us on tour! But we want to highlight a few of our favorites!


This waterfall is about 100 feet tall, it can be seen perfectly while in one of the sea caves. While in the cave, it is the perfect romantic atmosphere, with a tiny beach in the back of the cave and gazing at the cascading waterfall on the opposing wall.


Another sea cave

Tucked inside Double Door Cave, this water flows from from several thousand feet from the valley above the cave. Wai’ahu’akua loosely translates to Gods Water Alter.


This waterfall flows from the valley along the well known Awa’awa’puhi trail. It is said that here is where Paul Mitchel found the awai’awa’puhi ginger root that is now used in many hair treatments.


Pirates Cave is the largest cave along the Na Pali Coastline. As you enter the cave, there is a waterfall that falls in the middle of the entrance.

This is just a glimpse of our favorites, there are many more amazing waterfalls that are visible from the boat. Some are tucked away in valleys and there are others that cascade down the side of the coast into the ocean. Join us on our boats to see the countless number of waterfalls that the Garden Island has to offer along the Na Pali.