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Miloli’i Valley


Milolii was once an old Hawaiian fishing village, with its own source of fresh water, the Hawaiians that once lived in this valley flourished. The Milolii reef protects sea turtles, fish, and monk seals from larger predators which was perfect for fishing and catching their own food. 

Milolii also has a stream which flows from the valley above. Despite the minimal amounts of rain the valley receives every year, the stream flows year round and also provides prawns (shrimp) which is an excellent source of food. This is one of the main reasons that the Hawaiians were able to live here, for hundreds of years. The Hawaiians also planted and grew taro on the flat land above the beach which was another source of food. 

Unlike Kalalau valley, there is no trail leading into the valley, it is only accessible by boat or kayak. So the early residents of Milolii had to be self sustainable for the most part, only trading with the neighboring valleys from time to time. 

Today, Milolii is still only accessible by kayak and and many tour companies use Milolii has a lunch spot while kayaking the entire Na Pali Coast. It is a beautiful pit stop along the majestic coastline and it holds a lot of history and mana.