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Kalalau Valley


Kalalau Valley is one of our most favorite an incredible sights along the Na Pali Coast. Kalalau is the largest valley along the coast spanning two miles wide and two miles in depth to the back of the valley. At one time, it is said that approximately 2500 Hawaiians used to live in the valley and it was inhabited until 1919. Now, it is illegal for anyone to stay in the valley without a permit from the state-however that does not deter current day hippies from living in the valley for months or years at a time.

There is a trail that begins from the most northern point on the North Shore at Ke’e beach. From there, it is a treterous 11 mile hike to the valley and an additional mile to the beach at Kalalau. The trail was crafted years ago by the ancient Hawaiians so they could access several of the other valleys along the coast for trading purposes. At multiple times along our tour, you can see the trail from the water. Including crawlers ledge which is a well known portion of the trail; known for being a dangerous, seemly never ending steep ledge.