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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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One of the best things about Kaua’i is how green it is, literally. Not only is the island green, but the people of Kaua’i. Residents make a massive effort to preserve the land for generations to come. The county even gives out free compost bins to those that are interested and you’ll see young and old gather at the local recycling centers

Even the hotel industry has joined efforts to help with reduction of waste. It’s very common that they will offer reusable water bottles or eliminate plastic from the rooms. Replenishment of towels is upon request and refillable soap bottles are often used. Less and less you will see those mini shampoo and conditioner bottles that we loved to stock up on.

So what can you do to help when traveling? Here are some helpful tips!

  • Bring or purchase a reusable water bottle while on the island. Most hotels and resorts have fill stations conveniently located throughout the property.
  • Check with your hotel to see if there is a sunscreen refill station. Not only will this save you money but reduce the use of plastic.
  • Only buy what you will eat. 85-90% of food in Hawai’i is imported. If you have left over condiments or food, offer it to the hotel staff or a friend. Trust us, they are usually stoked about this!
  • Shop at farmers markets and bring your own reusable bags. Buying food grown on Kaua’i not only reduces carbon emissions but ensures a more sustainable future for Kaua’i.
  • Buy from local vendors and shops.
  • Book eco tours or volunteer while visiting. Here are Na Pali Experience, we are proud to say that we have no single use plastic on our tours!

Check out some of our favorite organizations to learn more!

  • Malama Huleia
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Refill Kauai
  • Common Ground Regenerative farm and food experience
  • Limahuli Garden
  • Skyline Hawai’i



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