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Morning Magic or Afternoon Adventure?

a close up of a canyon

Something to keep in mind when booking is the differences between our morning and afternoon tours. Mornings on the water will typically be calmer on the coast, as the wind picks up in the afternoon. If you are looking for a smoother ride without sacrificing the adventure, this is a good option. Dying to see dolphins? 9/10 times we see dolphins on our morning charter when they come in to the shallow waters to rest. Mornings also make for the calmest snorkeling opportunity.  Let’s just say it’s worth waking up for!

Now, if your goal is to take some epic shots of the Na Pali Coast, lighting is much more dramatic in the afternoons. The coast is absolutely gorgeous during this time of day but prepare for a bumpier and windier ride.  Sea turtles can be found all day long, but your chances are better as they soak up the last bit of sunshine on our afternoon tours.

Summer is always the best time to visit the Na Pali Coast on afternoon tour, but every now and then, we get killer afternoons during off seasons. In this event, we open up bookings when we are looking at prime conditions throughout the day. If conditions change, we may have to bump you to a morning tour or reschedule for later in the week. But, it may just be worth the shot 😉

All in all, both tours have their advantages, and it’s up to you to decide what works best with your schedule. Still have questions? Give us a call at 808.635.1131.

A hui hou!



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