Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down Why are your tours seasonal (May 1st - Sep. 30th)
  • Most companies that service Na Pali coast will either close or re-route away from Na Pali in the winter months (Oct-April) due to consistently rough ocean conditions particularly on the Na Pali side of the island. It is true that some of the nicest water conditions of the year can occur mid-winter, but they are very few and far between. During the winter months, sea caves are not accessible and all of our favorite snorkel spots are unsafe. This is why we choose to operate seasonally.

  • Chevron down Morning Magic, Mid-Day Madness or Afternoon Adventure: Which Na Pali coast boat tour is right for me?
  • Deciding which tour is right for you really boils down to how adventurous you are willing to be. The adventure level increases as the day progresses. The earlier tours have calmer water, smoother boat rides, and increased odds of seeing dolphins. The afternoon trips have far better coastal lighting, near guarantees to be snorkeling with turtles, and end with a sunset finish (Afternoon Adventure Tours).

    Note: The Mid-day Madness and Afternoon Adventure Tours are for the “adventuresome” ONLY please. If anyone in your party does not fit the tour description, please consider our Morning Magic tour or avoid a boat tour altogether. Pregnant women or people with bad backs, necks problems, and/or joint issues are not permitted to take any of our tours.

  • Chevron down Is there a difference between the 4 Na Pali experience boats?
  • Our 4 boats are identical right down to the paint stripe. These boats are the most practical choice for touring Na Pali Coast and we think you’ll agree. They are large enough to keep you comfortable and handle the seas but also small enough to fit into all of the various sea caves.

  • Chevron down Schedules - What time do your Na Pali coast tours depart/return?
  • All of our Na Pali Coast charters are approximately five hours long. Our Morning Magic Tours depart at 7am (check in at 6:40am) and returns at 12pm. Our Mid-Day Madness Tours depart at 9am (check in at 8:30am) and returns at 2pm. Our Afternoon Adventures Tours depart at 2pm (check in at 1:40pm) and returns at 7pm.

  • Chevron down I am traveling to Kaua'i on a cruise ship, can I take your tour?
  • Yes and we like you! From ship to boat, youʻre our kind of people!

    Different ships arrive at different times so it will be up to you to choose one of our tours that fits into your ships schedule. Usually the ships are only on Kaua’i for a day or two. With such a narrow window, we highly recommend reserving your tour far in advance.

    Note: The small harbor that we use (Kikiaola) near Na Pali coast is an hour drive away from the large harbor (Nawiliwili) used for the cruise ships. Taxi’s are usually readily available but we recommend prearranging your ride before your arrival to Kaua’i. Renting your own car is also an option which might be cheaper and more practical.

  • Chevron down Do you offer transportation services?
  • Sorry, we do not offer transportation services.

  • Chevron down What are the prices of your tours?
  • All Na Pali Experience Tours are $179 per person + tax.

  • Chevron down Do you have a children's price?
  • We are sorry but our price is “per person” regardless of age. “Guest” space is limited and regulated by the United States Coast Guard. Some companies do not take young children at all.

  • Chevron down Do you have an age limit?
  • Children must be 6 years old or older unless the charter is private; the minimum age for a private charter is 4 years old. It is highly recommended that parties with young children opt for the Morning Magic tour which generally features calmer water with a smoother boat ride.

  • Chevron down What's the story with the sea caves?
  • You can read about the formation of the sea caves in our Na Pali Coast section. Many regard the sea caves as the highlight of their tour. The size of our boat allows us to navigate into each of the sea caves along Na Pali Coast (conditions permitting). Exploring the sea caves is a huge advantage of touring Na Pali in our small catamarans. Note: Quite a few companies will often “claim” that they also explore the sea caves. “Peeking” at the caves from a distance is not exploring them in our book. Beware of this faulty claim.

  • Chevron down Do all three Na Pali Experience tours snorkel and if so, where?
  • All three of our tours snorkel for at least an hour (conditions permitting). Due to our smaller boats and limited passengers, the state has allowed us to snorkel at Nualolo Kai. Nualolo Kai is by far the best snorkel spot on Na Pali Coast and is accessible by small boat only. In the event that the conditions are not favorable for Nualolo Kai, our back up spots are both better than Makole, which is the only location on Na Pali that the large competitor boats are able to go.

  • Chevron down Is snorkel equipment included?
  • Yes! Everything is included and provided on board upon arrival at our snorkel spot for the day. We receive a lot of positive comments about our snorkel gear. You will be impressed with the quality and cleanliness of our equipment. Everything is onboard at your disposal. Masks with comfort straps, defogger, fins, life-vests, snorkel-vests, and floaty noodles.

  • Chevron down Can we bring our own snorkel equipment?
  • Absolutely. If you brought your own personal gear from home, by all means bring it with you on your tour. We have plenty of storage on our boat for all of your snorkel gear.

  • Chevron down Do you have child size masks and snorkels?
  • Yes we do! We have child size masks, snorkels, and fins on board at all times.

  • Chevron down Do you have prescription masks?
  • We do have some prescription masks on board but it is hard to stock every corrective lens for every different face. Our advice is if you know you will be needing a special lens mask, go to a snorkel shop like Seasport Divers and try on a few different options until you find the perfect mask. Consider our onboard prescription masks as more of a back up.

  • Chevron down Do you provide life-vests? Do we have to wear them?
  • We absolutely have life-vests on board at all times. In fact, we have life-vests for all shapes and sizes in three different styles. We have the commonly known orange Type 1 life-vests that the US Coast Guard requires us to have onboard in the event of an unlikely emergency. Fortunately, the Coast Guard does not require us to wear them. For those of us who do want to wear a life-vest, we have a more comfortable style vest similar to a waterski life-jacket. For the good swimmers that want a little extra flotation, we also have inflatable snorkel-vests and floaty noodles to hold on to.

  • Chevron down Will I be able to keep my camera safe and dry during your tour?
  • Before boarding our boat you will be given a dry bag for all of your electronics and towels. These bags are air and water tight so long as they are sealed properly. Your captain will make announcements throughout the tour when it is safe to remove your electronics from your bag. It is important to understand that whenever your camera is out of the bag it is at risk. Ideally we recommend playing it safe and bringing a waterproof camera. A waterproof camera will also be beneficial for your snorkel experience.

    Dry Bag = A sealable bag that is completely waterproof submergible if closed and sealed properly. Each bag is large enough for a couple towels and a camera.

  • Chevron down Do I have to fill out an online waiver?
  • Yes, everyone who joins us for a tour must fill out a waiver individually and doing so online in advance is much appreciated. The link to our online waivers can be found in your confirmation email immediately after reserving a tour with us. Printing your waivers is never necessary as we automatically receive digitalized copies. Passengers under 18 can be included in a parent/guardian’s waiver.  If you have someone under 18 years of age in your group, when you click on the online waiver link, please select “Add Minor” first. This page will prompt you to fill out the minors information first, followed by the guardians.

  • Chevron down When should I fill out the online waiver?
  • Feel free to fill out our online waiver form anytime after you book a tour with us up until the day of your tour. Please fill them out sooner than later so that you do not forget. Printing your waivers is never necessary as we automatically receive digitalized copies. Your captains will definitely appreciate you filling out your waiver online in advance as it streamlines the boarding process giving us more time on the water.

  • Chevron down Do you have an sea sickness preventative advice?
  • Absolutely we do. Follow these simple steps to greatly reduce your odds of motion sickness. One of the most important tips is to get a good nightʻs sleep before your tour. Also, be careful of what you eat 24 hours before your tour. Ideally, you want to be on a lighter stomach eating only simple and bland foods. If you are known for having motion sickness issues, make sure you are on our Morning Magic tour and pick up a box of Bonine over the counter at any local grocery store. Be sure to take a Bonine pill the night before as well as the morning of your tour. This will ensure the medication is well activated within your system. Some people also like to wear the wristbands. Once onboard, we have a few more tips if needed, however, at that point Itʻs best to not think about becoming sea-sick and just enjoy the ride.

  • Chevron down What forms of payment do you accept?
  • We accept credit cards and cash only.

    Note: A credit card is needed to place a reservation. Your card will be charged immediately after you reserve. Your email confirmation will be your receipt. If you decide to pay cash, please bring the cash on the day of your tour and we will refund your card on the spot. If your plans change, our cancellation policy is very lenient. Cancel anytime up to 48 hours of your tour departure and there is absolutely zero penalty. However, cancel within 48 hours of your tour departure for any reason and there is a 100% penalty charge including tax. In other words, please don’t back out on us at the last minute. Travel insurance is highly recommended incase of the event of a last minute cancellation. Travel insurance covers airfare as well as tours like ours. Mahalo!

  • Chevron down Can we divide the charge among multiple credit cards within our party?
  • Yes of course we can do that for you. If you have already reserved a tour with us, please call us at (808) 635-1131 and we can split payment in your reservation. If you have not reserved yet, consider booking separately for the same tour on the same day. Note: If booking separately, be sure to call us and request to be on the same boat otherwise we would not know the 2 parties knew each other and you could end up on different boats.

  • Chevron down When do you process our credit cards?
  • The moment you reserve a tour with us your card will be charged. Our cancellation policy is very lenient. Cancel anytime up to 48 hours of your tour departure and there is absolutely zero penalty. However, cancel within 48 hours of your tour departure for any reason and there is a 100% penalty charge including tax. In other words, please don’t back out on us at the last minute. Travel insurance is highly recommended incase of the event of a last minute cancellation. Travel insurance covers airfare as well as tours like ours. Mahalo!

  • Chevron down What is your cancellation policy?
  • Our customer cancellation policy is 48 hours. You may cancel your reservation with us anytime up to 48 hours from your scheduled tour departure time with ZERO penalty; once within 48 hours of your scheduled departure time, there is a 100% penalty charge including tax. If you are the type to make last minute cancellations, we highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance so that you are covered regardless. Travel insurance covers airfare as well as tours like ours. Mahalo for understanding.

  • Chevron down What if Na Pali Experience cancels our tour?
  • If we cancel for any reason, there is no charge to anyone. Full refunds are issued on the spot without the need to call us. Emails with all the refund details will be sent out for your records. As always, feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns. 808-635-1131.

  • Chevron down Do you offer gift certificates/cards?
  • Na Pali Experience does offer Gift Cards, the perfect gift for those visiting Kauai. Click on the button below to purchase a Na Pali Experience gift card.

Book Early!

With only 6 passengers per boat and a reputation of selling out all three tours well in advance, we highly recommend reserving your tour as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. If you have a group that is larger than six or are considering a private tour, please call us to discuss your options. Feel free to visit our FAQ page if you want more details about our tours. Any Questions?


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