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Reef Safe Sunscreen

Na Pali Experience Catamaran Tour Turtle

At Na Pali Experience we are committed to keeping our precious Na Pali Coast pristine and preserved for everyone to enjoy. We are proud to take responsibility in being sustainable, low-impact and eco-friendly operation.

Nualolo Kai, our Na Pali snorkeling spot on our Na Pali Coast tour, is home to an active reef with a lot of marine life.  Keeping the reef alive and healthy for generations is very important to us. One of the ways we can preserve it is limit exposure of harmful chemicals that can pollute the ocean.

Many sunscreens are made with chemical called oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is considered extremely harmful to coral reefs and is toxic at very low concentrations.

You can do your part in limit the use of sunscreen by wearing UV protection clothing and using sunscreen that is made with zinc oxide, like those from Badger.

Thank you Hawaii Ecotourism Association and Marine Safe for the information.