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Nualolo Reef

Nualolo reef is the best snorkeling along the Na Pali Coast and fortunately for us-is our go to destination for a swim and snack break during our tour! Due to a regulation in place by the DLNR, larger catamarans are prohibited from stopping here and snorkeling.  This allows only the small boats to tie up and snorkel here! And fortunately for us-we are one of the smaller boats able to enjoy the best snorkeling!

Two friends chilling in the water

You never know what kind of marine life you will see while snorkeling at Nualolo! Most commonly, there are a plethora of fish and Hawaiian green sea turtles, but other creatures have often been spotted while snorkeling too! Its always fun to dive into their world and see a glimpse of marine life!

Nualolo Kai used to be one of the main fishing villages for the Hawaiians along the Na Pali due to the reef.  It is protected from the big waves during the winter months and many fish and turtles find solace here from larger predators like sharks.

If snorkeling is not your thing, catch some sun rays and hang out on the boat with your captain! They are happy to talk story and share their knowledge of Kauai and of the Na Pali Coast. Enjoy refreshments, snacks, and the best fruit on the island!

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