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Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Turtle Tadashi

Hawaii is home to five species of sea turtles. Olive ridleys, loggerheads, green, hawkbills and leatherbacks. Green sea turtles nests in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and are the most commonly seen near shore on Kauai.

In Hawaiian culture, the green turtle, Honu, is a spiritual guardian or aumakua, not to be hunted or harmed. Honu are symbols of wisdom, good luck and are the protector of the reef. They are said to have helped guide the first Polynesian settlers to the Hawaiian Islands.

Nualolo Cove is home to many green sea turtles, protected in the reef from predators with an abundance of algae to dine on. Nualolo is our primary snorkeling destination which is easily the best snorkeling area on the entire Na Pali Coast. Only a few small passenger vessels are allowed to access to this pristine area.

The most popular time for green sea turtle sighings is during our Afternoon Adventure Tour, but there is a chance you will see them at all times of the day. Book your tour with us today! Call 808-635-1131 for pricing and age restrictions for children.