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Captain's Blog

Sea Caves

Birds eye view in Waiahuakua waterfall sea cave!

It wasnʻt easy to capture this image but it proved to be well worth the effort. Waiahuakua Sea Cave is one of the most magical places on earth and is just one of our many stops along our Na Pali Tour. The Afternoon Adventure lighting in this cave is absolutely incredible with a sun beam…

The blue lagoons of Na Pali Coast, Kauaʻi

Only the small boats will get you into Na Paliʻs incredible sea caverns. Boarding a vessel too large to enter these caves would be a devastating mistake. Both of our boats specialize in exploring EVERY sea cave and in comfort. Na Pali Experience will rock your world!

Open Ceiling Cave with Afternoon Adventure lighting

Open Ceiling Cave on Na Pali Coast will steal your breath away. This photo was captured with an iphone. Raw unedited, uncut, no filter perfection. Enjoy!