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  • May-September

Mid-Day Madness Tour

Quick Details

Info Info:

  • Reasonable departure time
  • Sea caves and snorkeling (conditions permitting)
  • Dolphin show 80% encounter odds
  • Typically our warmest tour with nice lighting
  • Experience it all with both calm and exciting conditions
Passenger Age 6 or older
Private Charter Age 4 and up | Up to 6 Pax

Experience the Best of Both Worlds!

Like our earliest tour, you can expect a calm start to this tour with marine life encounters still highly likely. Mid-Day, the weather is warmest and the lighting on the coast and around the sea caves is exceptional. At some point during our Mid-Day tour, the morning glass will fade away and the afternoon excitement will start to kick in, making the ride a lot more wild, fun, and splashy.

Even though this tour departs only two hours after our Morning Magic tour, expect a much more physically demanding ride that is not for the faint of heart. A more convenient departure time should be the last aspect considered when making your decision between our Magic and Madness Tours.

If you are looking for a reasonable departure time, still like the idea of seeing marine life, and enjoy exciting rides, this tour will be a great fit for you.

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