Afternoon Adventure

Quick Details

Info Info:

  • Convenient departure time (you get to sleep in)
  • 60% dolphin sighting odds + 90% odds of snorkeling with turtles
  • Optimal lighting for Na Pali sightseeing and photography
  • Incredible Hawaiian golden hour finish
Passengers Ages 6 or older
Private Charter Ages 4 or older

Bask in the Beauty of a Na Pali Afternoon & Kauai Sunset Cruise

All of our captains have agreed that this is their favorite tour of the day as long as the group is ready for a thrilling experience. For this reason, screening our guests for this tour has become a top priority.

If you are the “Wet & Wild” adventuresome type, we’re confident you’ll find this tour to be one of, if not the best, tours you’ve ever taken. Say goodbye to a backlit Na Pali Coast as the sun moves into a front-lit position, providing unimaginably gorgeous panoramic views that are ideal for both sight-seeing and photography.

This tour is still likely to see dolphins but is almost guaranteed to have you snorkeling with turtles as they tend to move in toward our snorkel spot in the afternoon.

With a convenient departure time, ideal coastal lighting, snorkeling with the turtles and a golden hour finish, it is easy to see why this tour has become a favorite for the hearty and adventurous.