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The Reason behind the Napali Experience Season



One of the main questions we are asked every year is “Why are you closed during the winter?” Our answer to this question is..The Safety of our passengers! Napali Experience is open only during the summer months, with the season beginning May 1st and operating every day until the last day of September. We are closed during the Hawaii winter months, October-April. It is our mission to show every person on our boat a trip of a lifetime but at the utmost care.

During the summer months, the Napali Coast is easily accessible with little to no swell, which makes entering the caves and snorkeling a breeze! The winter months are a completely different story; nice days are few and far between and swells can reach up to 35 feet, it is nearly impossible to access the caves with the paramount safety where our standards are held.

This is where we differ from many of the other Napali Coast tours. Because our goal is to show you an exceptional time on the Napali Coast, we choose to close during the winter months and only run when the weather conditions allow for the entire tour as advertised. Several other Napali boat companies run all year around but will likely deviate to the south shore. If they do go down the coast, they will not enter the caves and will not always be able to snorkel.

We strive to be the best small boat tour on the Coast, and holding true to our integrity by putting your safety first. It is our priority!