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Small vs Large Catamarans


When researching the Na Pali Coast it can be overwhelming due to all the choices that come up on the search engine. Should you go with a large catamaran? How about kayaking the coast? How do you choose between eight different zodiac raft companies?! Look no further than Na Pali Experience! A small catamaran boat company that departs from the west side. With the comfort of a large catamaran but the capacity to enter the sea caves!

The large boats depart from Port Allen Harbor, which is generally a closer drive. However to access the Na Pali Coastline, a good portion of the tour is taken up by getting to and from the coast. There are also 49 other individuals on the larger boats and the captain is talking to you via microphone which (to us) is very impersonal. Not to mention, the larger boats cannot access the sea caves which is one of the most exciting and awe-inspiring things!

The list of pros to our small boats are endless! 

Our Glacier Bay Catamarans seat six people which give the tour a super personal and private feel. We pride ourselves in having the best team of Captains along the Na Pali!

We are also able to snorkel at Nualolo Reef which is hands down the best along the Coast! Larger catamarans are not able to access this reef and must swim elsewhere.

Sea sickness is rather uncommon on our boats! Our small boats are quite similar to a jet ski in the manner that it is a fun and exciting ride. The wind is in your face and you are constantly engaged the entire tour!

Our boats leave from the West Side in Kekaha, which is the closest boat harbor to the Na Pali on the west side of the island. In no time, you will have incredible views and be able to experience the entire Na Pali Coast from one end to the complete other! (Most large catamarans turn around at Kalalau Valley and do not see the entire coast)

And don’t forget- our boats fit perfectly into every sea cave! You can even see the large boats pass by without even acknowledging the caves even exist.

To join us and have the time of your life along the Na Pali Coast, book your Na Pali Experience Boat Tour today! Call us at 808-635-1131!! We cannot wait to show you everything the most beautiful coastline in Hawaii has to offer!