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Kauai’s Na Pali Coast Open Ceiling Sea Cave


Open Ceiling Cave is a crowd favorite for many and wins “most unique” award amongst the other Na Pali sea caves. This sea cave eroded so deep that the ceiling could no longer support itself and collapsed. The rock in the center of this cave is actually a portion of the ceiling. From an aerial view (shown on the top), you can see the donut-like shape this cave is left with.

Our small catamarans specialize in sea cave entry and is not only able to take you into this sea cave, but takes our passengers completely around the donut. Open ceiling is one of the most #instawothy photography spots on the tour. We’ve also been witness to various wedding ceremonies that take place on the rock in the center. When you see the Open Ceiling Cave in person, youʻll want to get married there too!
Bonus: World famous musicians have had music videos filmed in this sea cave, check out this throwback 1997 Mary J Blige video for her single Everything.