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Na Pali Coast Boat Options

Na Pali Experience Best Boat Tour

When picking out a Na Pali Boat tour, one of your options to choose from is the type of boat that you take. There are 3 options: Large capacity catamaran, small catamaran, and zodiac rafts.

Large capacity catamarans hold up to 49 passengers. These large boats offer a smooth ride and plenty of comfortable seating and shade. They offer panoramic views of the coast, and snorkeling with other large tour boats.

Smaller catamarans and zodiacs are able to get up close to the coastline and even explore all the sea saves on Na Pali. Because of the lower capacity, the boats are able to anchor at snorkeling location Nualolo. Zodiac rafts don’t offer on-board shade, and the seating can be uncomfortable, sitting sideways on the raft.

Our boats seat 6 comfortably, with two seats at the bow allowing you to lean back, put your feet up, and enjoy the ride! Only small catamarans offer a comfortable ride, and allow you to explore sea caves and snorkel at a premium, uncrowded location.

Our boats also offer an affordable private na pali coast tour option. If you are ready for the very best way to experience Na Pali, book your tour with us today!